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2042 Media, LLC is a Latino owned, independent company that owns and controls three pay tv networks




2042 Media, LLC, is owned and operated by Javier Prelooker, Augusto Valdez and Burke Berendes. The company was established in 2023, when the three partners took full control of Condista Networks and renamed the company 2042 Media.

In 2008, Condista Networks, LLC, was established by the partners of the affiliate sales rep company Condista, with the intention to create and own a television network. In January 2017, the dream of ownership was achieved with the launch of Kids Street. The next year the team launched their second channel, Ingles Para Todos. Condista Networks was renamed 2042 Media September 25, 2023.


IPT teaches Spanish speakers how to speak English through a mix of both English and Spanish language movies and series and high quality, engaging, original educational programs.

Syndication efforts feature the situational learning shows 2042 Media produces for Ingles Para Todos.


Kids Street airs fun & entertaining kids’ shows in a parent approved environment. Parent approved means each show shares positive messages and positive role models – the content parents want kids to watch. Kids Street offers well known characters like Bob the Builder, Strawberry Shortcake and Maya the Bee plus international award-winning hits like Yakari, the Day Henry Met, Earth to Luna and more. During primetime, the network opens the screen to appeal to the entire family with engaging IMAX & 4K produced documentaries that take viewers on a thrilling exploration of the world in a block called Family Central Explorer

Our latest addition to the network family, Xplorer TV, is a channel exclusively dedicated to documentaries. This all-documentary channel proudly showcases content produced entirely in either IMAX or 4K quality, providing a visually stunning viewing experience. Many of these documentaries are the result of collaborations with the world’s most esteemed cultural institutions. Xplorer TV stands as a premier destination for serious documentary enthusiasts, fulfilling its mission to be the go-to linear platform for factual and educational entertainment.



The US Census projects that in the year 2042, the US population will be a majority hyphenated America, solidifying our status as the world’s melting pot with the most diverse and exciting population on earth. 2042 Media reflects this future today by providing content that teaches English, serious, award-winning documentaries celebrating cultural diversity, and the best kids content the world has to offer.

  • Javier Prelooker

    Javier Prelooker is a partner at 2042 Media, LLC. He is responsible for  the on-air branding and promotional strategies for all 2042 Media networks and, in partnership with Augusto Valdez, is the producer of original content and programming acquisition for Kids Street, Xplorer TV and Ingles para Todos.

  • Augusto Valdez

    Augusto Valdez  is a partner at 2042 Media LLC.  He is responsible for the 2042 Media’s finances, and in partnership with Javier Prelooker, is the producer of original content and programming acquisition for Kids Street, Xplorer TV and Ingles para Todos.

  • Burke Berendes

    Burke Berendes is a partner at 2042 Media, LLC.  He is responsible for new business development and affiliate relations for 2042 Media, LLC.


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